Andrea Castro


With two grandmothers who taught school, Andrea has known she wanted to be a teacher since she was 12 years old. Due to a learning disability, Andrea remained functionally illiterate until she was 19. However, by the time Andrea was 24, she had earned a Masters in Elementary Education, with a focus on middle school education, and moved to Bainbridge Island to help start an independent middle school. A few years later, she started Academic Odysseys, a tutorial service that specialized in twice exceptional students. She then earned her Master of Arts in English Literature at the University of Washington and went on to teach for the UW Robinson Center for Young Scholars. This move sent her on a trajectory into higher education, where she remained until 2019, when she detoured into the corporate world. Missing the energy of the classroom and the students, Andrea has come back to education and found a home at Fusion Academy.

When she isn't teaching, she is with her twin, teenage boys and their twin kittens; swimming; dancing; reading; cooking; kayaking; and paddle boarding.

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