Alexzandra Humphrey



Alexzandra earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Seattle where she studied Media Arts and Animation. She graduated at the top of her class with honors and set the record as the first student to graduate with a degree majoring in Concept Art. Preceding her BFA, Alexzandra attended Highline Community College where she graduated with honors and an Associate of Arts degree. While at Highline, Alexandra majored in Visual Art and Communication and scored a certificate of 3D animation.


Alexzandra's first job out of college was working on educational children's books and character design for educational mascots. Following the completion of these projects, Alexzandra went on to work as an art teacher at Academy Schools in Tukwila WA. While at Academy Schools, Alexzandra taught art expression to students ranging from pre-k to 12th grade and spearhead the school's digital art curriculum. In addition, Alexzandra lead the school's annual art auction and after-school art programs.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • When Alex isn’t working with students, she is at home creating digital illustrations for books, video games, and more. She is always striving to better her craft and is continuously learning new skills and ways to create art (especially through technology).
  • A fun fact about Alex is her love of ducks. She sees all her ducks, 15 and counting, as family and raises new ducklings each year. Her favorite breed of duck are called "calls" which are the smallest captive bred species alive today.
  • Also, Alex is a huge fan of prop making and crafting. She likes to attend anime and gaming conventions to participate in their costume/cosplay contests. Recently she has adopted 3D printing into her workflow to make 1 to 1 accessories, models, armor, weaponry, etc from iconic characters for her costume designs.