Taylor Rhoades


Bachelor's Degree in Community Health, 200 hr YTT certification, 50hr Aerial YTT


Taylor Rhoades graduated from the University of Kansas in 2019 with a Bachelor's degree in Community Health. Since graduation, Taylor has received her 200hr YTT certification and 50hr Aerial YTT. With the combination of understanding community needs and facilitating healthy habits, Taylor seeks to share mindfulness within her interactions and mentoring sessions.


Previously, Taylor has led art classes to at risk youth with the intention of embracing healthy coping mechanisms, taught k-5th graders in before and after school programs with many many different roles, but made it a point to always try and start the kids day with a smile and end their day with a reminder of how unique they are. She has also taught yoga online for a year, in person (off and on) for two years, and recently has expanded to teaching Aerial Yoga at a studio in town. As for now, she is an active member in her community by being an ambassador for a local non-profit that advocates for mindfulness in the work space, classrooms, and home life.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Connecting her mind to movement as a form of creativity
  • Traveling to new places. Adventures range from visiting new countries to finding a new park to put up her hammock
  • Thrift shopping. Finding clothes with a story is always fun, but it is also one of Taylor's favorite ways to recycle