Taylor Rhoades


Taylor will be teaching Yoga, Life Skills, and Wellness. In 2019 Taylor graduated with a Bachelor’s in Community Health from the University of Kansas. Since graduation, Taylor has worked in childcare, received her 200hr YTT certification and 50hr aerial yoga certification, become a mindfulness ambassador for a non-profit in her community, and taught yoga online for nonprofits and companies within the United States.

Growing up in Southern California, Taylor learned early on her passion for the outdoors. Swimming, hiking, biking, climbing, yoga, you name it Taylor is always trying to find some way to move. Connecting her mind to movement is her favorite form of creativity. Whether it is expressing joy for learning something new or choosing to journal to herself for reflection, I advocate strongly for self-awareness.

Communication to Taylor is one of the biggest components in creating meaningful, lasting relationships. In Taylor’s role as a yoga, life skills, and wellness mentor she will strive to facilitate healthy communicational skills while leaving room for students to express themselves and see value within the classroom.