Dr. Jen Foradori


Dr. Jennifer Foradori has been teaching English in one form or another since 1999. She has taught English at the university level, community college level, high school level, and middle school level. She received her PhD in the teaching of English from Idaho State University in 2015. Her dissertation focused on English Composition and Instructional Design. The classes that Dr. Foradori has the most proficiency in teaching are composition or essay courses and research writing courses. Even though English composition is Dr. Foradori's passion, she throughly enjoys teaching great works of literature such as The Oedipus Trilogy and anything by the great Tennessee Williams.


When she's not spending time with her family, Dr. Foradori enjoys spending time with animals and helping to care of animals in need. She enjoys trail rides and hiking on trails. Her favorite hobby, however, is baking moderately delicious baked goods for family, friends, and neighbors.