Annie Moran

Regional College and Post-Secondary Counselor

Annie’s interest in all things scientific began at an early age. She grew up in rural farming areas in Iowa and developed a love of gardening and fascination with nature. Always inquisitive about how things worked, she would also find herself sitting on her dad’s workbench “helping” him build such things as a colored TV from a mail-order kit and an RV that she, her parents and older sister vacationed in. Raised in a musical family, she started her own musical journey in grade school, studying organ, flute and cello. All this led to Annie following her interests to the University of Oklahoma where she played in both the band and orchestra and received her Bachelors of Science degree in Science Education. She spent the next 23 years in Richardson ISD as a Biology, Earth, and Physical Science teacher, curriculum writer, mentor, instructional specialist, and AVID coordinator and trainer. After earning her Masters of Science degree in School Counseling, Annie has since served as a high school counselor for 12 years.

Annie is at her best when helping other people find their balance and realize their goals. When not at school, she loves to cook, do crossword puzzles, fix things, and spend time with her husband and best friend David, her talented son Brennan, and the family’s four rescued fur babies, Tripper, Mimzy, Roo, and Firefly.

Words to live by: Above all, be kind. For everyone you meet is facing some kind of struggle that, by a simple act of compassion, you may provide the spark to diminish.

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