Ursula Kennedy

Success Coach


Ursula graduated from Missouri Valley College with a double B.A. in Human Services Agency Management and Recreation Administration. After a rewarding career in non-profit work Ursula went back to college and earned her Master of Arts degree in Teaching from Florida Southern University. She began teaching at a small private school in Los Angeles. Some years later Ursula went back to school and earned her certificate in Educational Therapy.


Ursula spent over a decade working alongside students from kindergarten through high school with special learning needs, discovering their specific needs through one-on-one customized instruction plans. Working as Educational Therapist allows Ursula to hone in on the social and emotional well-being of each of her students so that she can help foster a life long love of learning.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Novel trapeze artist.
  • Driven across country 4 times with my dog!
  • Makes homemade cards.