Esteban Ruiz


Esteban loves to be creative and design new inventions using math and science. His goal is to create inventions that help people, and share those skills with his students so they can make a positive impact in their community!

Esteban decided to become a teacher because he would like to help students gain a passion for math and science just like previous teachers have done for him. Esteban decided to join Fusion Academy because it is the best school for working 1 on 1 with unique individuals who can benefit from his mentoring experience.

Esteban began his studies at UCLA, where he explored his passion for making prosthetic limbs and earned his Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering.  He then attended The University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and earned a PhD in Rehabilitation Science. His studies focused on inventing new prosthetic limb technologies for people experiencing limb loss.

In his free time, Esteban likes to build furniture and work on his car.