Growing up in Los Angeles, Max had the opportunity to attend a humanities magnet program in high school “Which had a big influence on my academic interests and what I value in education.” In the program, Max was influenced by his social studies and literature teacher, who “put a strong focus in giving voice to the voiceless. In eleventh grade, we focused on modern American social issues, with a unit on race, a unit on class, a unit on gender and sexuality.” In college, Max stumbled into linguistics, and found his “interest and passion in sharing knowledge.” He would like to return to school to pursue a PhD in linguistics and become a professor. “I really enjoy sharing knowledge,” Max explains.


As a teacher, Max appreciates the flexibility at Fusion and the ability to teach lessons around students’ interests. He also enjoys helping students make connections, like “incorporating music and teaching the Vietnam Anti-War movement and the intersectionality between Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement.” Max argues that “learning should be fun and interesting. When I’m teaching history, I view it as a story I’m telling the student. I always want to keep it interesting and informative.”


Educational Background: BA Linguistics at San Francisco State University


Hobbies: I play bass guitar. It’s nice to have a musical outlet to escape into sometimes. I enjoy studying language. I play video games. I love cooking. I like to find new recipes.


Wacky Facts:I can carry on a conversation in Welsh.


Favorite Book this Year: Borne by Jeff VanderMeer 


Learned During Quarantine: I’ve learned to appreciate solitude. I’ve found that moments can be meditative, which has taught me to be comfortable with solitude.