What she loves about yoga is that "after practicing for 10 years I'm still not bored. It's dynamic and always changing because every teacher has a different style and what you bring to class that day is different. You can be in a pose you've done a hundred times but still find some aspect that's new or challenging. Also how you act on your yoga mat reflects how you are in the world - it's like a mirror. If you're judgmental or unkind to yourself when you're in class, that's probably how you are day to day.”

Marachel aims to show students that “the decisions I make in class have intentions behind them. If they understand why I am asking them to do an assignment, it helps students stay connected and motivated.” She encourages student to take control of their own learning and believes that “teaching is about asking thought provoking questions"

Educational Background: BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Biology, Psychology, and Education), San Diego State University Honors College.

Hobbies: Skiing, rock climbing, and dancing.

Wacky Facts: I was home-schooled during 7th grade - my family and I were living on our sailboat and sailing around the South Pacific.

Favorite Book this Year: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell