Kenny Kruse


Kenny Kruse is the Humanities Department Head and teaches English at Fusion Academy San Francisco. 

Growing up in Utah, Kenny loved playing classical piano and reading science fiction, and he  developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. When he was in high school, service trips to the Navajo Nation and to Mexico convinced him that learning does not only happen in the classroom, but that learning is happening everywhere around us, all the time. While in high school, he also developed a passion for social justice attending and then serving as a counselor at diversity leadership training camps. In college, he studied abroad in Chile, China, Cuba, Singapore, and Spain, and he has loved traveling and living in different places ever since.  

Kenny has taught in many different education settings; prior to teaching at Fusion he was teaching college literature at a men’s prison and was also helping to implement a special education intervention in math teaching in Utah public schools. Prior to that, he taught creative writing, SAT/ACT prep, TOEFL, Spanish, and English to high school students in Bangkok. He has also worked at an LGBTQ NGO in Myanmar (Burma); taught college creative writing, composition, and literature courses at men’s and women’s prisons in Alabama; worked at a boarding high school for the arts in Michigan; and led construction-based service programs for teens in Cambodia, Ecuador, and the Blackfeet Nation. 

Kenny believes that every student has a world of talent, experience, and knowledge. He appreciates teaching at Fusion, as the 1:1 environment enables students to explore their passions. “I love the flexibility offered at Fusion that allows us to explore whatever interests students, to find whatever part of a novel or poem most interests them and explore that together.” Kenny appreciates Fusion’s mission to “Love, Motivate, Teach,” and the holistic approach that attends to the social-emotional health of each student. As Department Head, he enjoys supporting teachers and sharing resources. “I love being part of this team,” he says, “of empathetic educators who ensure that every student gets a chance to reach their potential.” 


Educational Background: 


BA Women’s and Gender Studies/ Political Science, Arizona State University 

MFA Creative Writing, University of Alabama 

MA Women’s Studies, University of Alabama 

MEd Education, Culture, & Society, University of Utah 



Listening to music, traveling, playing the piano, reading, writing, hiking, running, swimming 


Wacky Facts: 

I used to make 20-hour drives from Alabama to New England in vans full of dogs to get them to animal shelters where they would be adopted. I lived in a cemetery in Alabama for a year. 


Favorite Book this Year: Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo; How Much of These Hills is Gold by C. Pam Zhang; Disoriental by Negar Djavadi 


Learned During Quarantine: 

Friends & family, human interaction, sunshine, fresh air, and good food are essential to well-being