Growing up in the Detroit suburbs in a big school environment, he enjoyed playing baseball and soccer, while still being a nerd. After studying Aerospace Engineering in college, Dan worked at the Environmental Protection Agency, then as a special education teacher aide while going back to school for teacher certification.  While in Chicago, he appreciated his special education colleagues and “their more humanistic and student-centered philosophy of education.”

Before coming to Fusion, he taught in Chicago Public Schools and at a charter school in Hayward.  Now he’s a Fusion San Francisco veteran of over eight years, “holding down the fort.” Dan appreciates the ability to “engage with students as humans with their own curiosity and interests that can inform and guide their studies. The flexibility of Fusion allows us to modify curriculum and expectations to help students reach their goals.”

Educational Background: BS Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan. Teacher Certification, University of Illinois

Hobbies: Running, hiking, swimming, surfing, drafting.

Wacky Facts: A whale’s nose is on the top of its head. I have one brown sideburn and one blonde sideburn.

Favorite Book this Year: The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu

Learned During Quarantine: Must moderate news intake.