Chloe Donnelly


Chloe Donnelly is a linguist, writer, educator, and world-traveler. Originally hailing from southern California, she has been fortunate to spend time abroad through teaching and studying. In 2017 she went to Rome and earned a certification in teaching English as a second/foreign language. She spent the next year teaching English at a school near Venice, Italy, while also attending graduate courses in linguistics at Ca’Foscari University. In 2018 she returned to California and began teaching ESL in San Francisco. In that role she had the privilege of working with students from (almost) every continent and learned to adapt to various communication styles. She adores studying the intersection of language, culture, and identity, and infuses her classes with materials that speak to these topics.

Educational Background: BA in English Writing Practices from Humboldt State University; MA in Linguistics from San Francisco State University; Certificate in the Teaching of Composition from San Francisco State University; Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language from Trinity College London

Hobbies: Singing, writing songs, playing guitar, reading and writing memoir and poetry

Wacky Facts: The name “Chloe” is French, but farther back it comes from Greek. It was a sort of nickname for the goddess “Demeter,” and it means “the first green of spring.”

Favorite Book this Year: The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa

Learned During Quarantine: Nail care tools are great for smoothing and shaping polymer clay sculptures