Ana Luisa Delgado

Spanish Teacher/Mentor

Ana Luisa Delgado joined Fusion Academy last February 2017 as a Spanish language teacher.  She graduated from San Francisco State University earning two separate teaching credentials: A BCLAD Multiple-Subject Credential  teaching to elementary grades, and a Single-subject Spanish teaching credential for teaching middle and high school level students.

Ms. Delgado was educated in Lima, Peru and studied communications sciences and lived in Mexico City for five years. She  is familiar with numerous Spanish dialects and regionalisms from countries such as Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Spain.  Her experiences learning both French and English help her relate to students who are learning Spanish.

Ms. Delgado  is a dedicated teacher and enjoys working with students of varying learning abilities.  She is currently a passionate student of Tai Chi and Chi Gong disciplines to maintain her active life style.