Joshua Huihui

Head of School


Josh earned his Bachelors of Music degree in music education with a minor in mathematics from Chapman University. While earning his degree, Josh found himself drawn to the world of academia and spent much of his time tutoring at the college level in the areas of math, science, and music. This is where he first experienced the joys of a one-to-one educational environment!


Josh Huihui is the Head of School at Fusion San Diego. He is a true veteran Fusionite after teaching at the Huntington Beach campus from 2011-2015 and serving as the Assistant Director in Pasadena from 2015-2021. In college, he was actively involved in various organizations that promoted social justice and cultural awareness in and around the community.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Enjoy cooking up new recipes
  • Takes interest in aquascaping a new fish tank
  • Always looks for the latest gizmos and gadgets for his home