Desiree Cheuvront



Desiree Cheuvront earned a Bachelor’s in linguistics at UC San Diego with a focus in cognition and language, as well as a minor in education studies. She also studied studio art, French, American Sign Language, and Spanish at San Diego Mesa College. One day, she hopes to return to school to pursue her interests in education, speech therapy, and cognitive science.


In 2014, completed a year-long teaching apprenticeship during her time at UC San Diego which included 20 hours a week of classroom observation, teaching, and tutoring in several Spanish and French high school classrooms.
Since 2016, she has completed more than one hundred hours of continuing education and has received professional development credits in Leadership and World Language Pedagogy.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Never leaves the house without a sketchbook and watercolor paint
  • Enjoys rock climbing, dancing, and playing volleyball
  • Always has a new book or podcast to recommend to you