Sean Segovia

Head of Educational Programs and Services

Sean serves his students and staff as the Head of Educational Programs and Services at the Fusion Academy San Antonio campus.

After graduating from Boerne High School outside of San Antonio, TX., Sean began his post-secondary education at Abilene Christian University where he attended to play baseball and begin his lifelong learning journey.  Sean earned his bachelor’s degree in sports management from California University of Pennsylvania with honors (Cum Laude).  Sean continued his education at Texas A&M University-San Antonio where he earned his master’s degree in special education in addition to accumulating college credit in the area of applied behavior analysis.

Sean has spent the last 11, going on 12 years, of his professional career in the Texas public education system serving the special needs population and their families.  He is proficient in differentiated instruction and understanding the varying needs of not only the special needs population but also the learning needs of all students.  Sean believes that every single student has the capability to learn when their unique learning style is tapped into and exploited for the betterment of the child.  Everyone has the capability to learn…sometimes some students just learn differently than others.

Sean is a family man.  He thoroughly enjoys having date nights and date weekends with his beautiful wife.  During these times, they enjoy trying a new Airbnb they haven’t been to and/or a new restaurant.  When he’s not spending quality time with his wife, you can find Sean wrestling, playing sports, riding bikes on the trails, or hanging out at the playground with his son.  Outside of family time, Sean looks forward to getting an early start to the morning to enjoy his meditation and workout time and ending the day with some tea and reading a book, in addition to playing basketball, baseball, and any outside activity on the weekends.