Megan Krejci



Nestled in the cornfields of central Illinois, I earned my bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois with an emphasis in secondary education and educational policy studies.


After graduating, I found various ways to work educating students for the next 30 years. At a local children’s home, I assisted the special education teachers who focused on the needs of the troubled youth residents.

As my children grew, I homeschooled my own three children, two of whom have Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was during that time that I also spearheaded a local non-religious homeschooling group that offered opportunities for exploring Art, Music, Theater, Science, History, Writing, and Literature. I watched my own children (and others like them) struggle with learning challenges, and the emotional anxiety those misunderstood challenges caused. I became convinced that our educational system was doing a great disservice to this group of learners. This served to solidify my passion for differentiated learning.

Determined to serve at-risk youth, I enjoyed my role as a tutor in the public schools for the AVID program for grades 6 - 12. My colleagues and I prepared our students for college entrance by helping them with their homework, study skills, and critical thinking. Later I taught college-prep classes in History, Writing, Language Arts, and Literature to a small group of high school students, using my experiences to hand-craft activities, assignments, and discussions.

Most recently I provided individualized instruction and tutoring in Literature, Writing, Language Arts, History, Artistic Expression, Study Skills, and Stress Management for students in grades 6 - 12. My services focused on providing alternative educational settings in which students could achieve physical and emotional safety AND academic success. As the pandemic crisis grew, I provided my instruction and tutoring using the Zoom platform.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Enjoys wandering through museums and art galleries
  • Spending time outside working in the garden or exploring new walking trails
  • Practicing martial arts (currently holds a 4th degree black belt)
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