Meagan Meyers

Humanities Teacher/Mentor

Originally from Frederick County, she studied International Relations and French as a double major at Goucher College. During her junior year, she studied abroad in Paris in order to gain knowledge into the culture, as well as work on her fluency in the French language. After earning her degree, Meagan moved back to France and taught English to French students in the small coastal town of Fecamp, Normandy for a year. She enjoyed her time in France and the cultural exchange between her and her students, which sparked her interest in teaching. In her free time, Meagan enjoys hiking and exploring places around the MD area. She also likes to exercise whether it’s running or boxing at her local gym. Meagan loves to travel with her family all over the world and appreciates learning about the history, food, and culture of different countries. Meagan is super excited about teaching at Fusion and getting to know all of her students!