Maria Beltran

Assistant Director


Maria graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Communication focusing her studies on society, media, and film.


Before Fusion, Maria worked at a voice-over talent agency and then for years as the media arts director at an all-girls high school. She began her Fusion journey in 2015 as an art and humanities teacher on the Pasadena campus and later become the Director of Homework Café, a role she happily held for four and a half years. As DHC, she centered her vision on using compassion and humor to help students feel comfortable in their own skin. She firmly believes all students have unique identities worthy of celebration, natural skills ready to be unearthed, and blossoming social lives yearning for prosperity. As Assistant Director, she contributes that same spirit of balancing academic integrity and authentic, fun human relationships to the teachers and entire Fusion family of Rockville.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Hopes to visit all 50 states... preferably in an RV except where she can't
  • Was *almost chosen as a contestant on What Not to Wear. Maria isn't sure if she should be happy or insulted! haha
  • Enjoys all kinds of movies, sitcoms, and schmaltzy soft rock from the 70s.