Kerri Midiri

Director of Outreach

Master's Degree in Education and Special Education


Kerri considers herself to be a lifelong learner having received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education as well as a dual Master’s Degree in Education & Special Education, and many certifications along the way. She recently became certified as a practitioner of Ayurveda and an Herbalist. She loves to merge her passion for education and healthy living as a way to support adolescents and their families with holistic wellness on a deep level.


Prior to joining Fusion in 2018, Kerri worked as a classroom educator for several years. Additionally, she serves her community as a meditation and mindfulness teacher as well as an ADHD/executive functioning coach and a mental health advocate. Passionate about building a strong rapport with others, Kerri was drawn to Fusion because of its emphasis on building positive relationships. The school’s commitment to meeting each student right where they are, creating a meaningful connection, and finding the very best way to tap into each student’s passion for learning and discovery is, in her opinion, one of the greatest gifts we could offer.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Kerri has never drank coffee, but it’s one of her favorite flavors of ice cream.
  • Originally from Long Island, NY, she has lived and worked all over the country and has loved the many experiences that each place has brought her.
  • Outside of Fusion, she most enjoys recharging in nature among family and friends.