Ben Morse


Ben grew up drawing and creating art.  He was very ambitious, learning what he could with the supplies he could find and afford and learned a lot on his own.  Eventually, he had access to a computer and a copy of Photoshop and 3D Studio MAX, so he started exploring digital art, 3D graphics, and animation.  He then put together a mini-portfolio and was able to get a job as a Production Artist at a large-format printing company after high school.

After a few years, he found a job in music merchandising, creating t-shirts and other graphics for punk bands.  As relationships built between records labels and bands, he started creating album graphics, selling merch for them at shows, and helping organize music festivals.

Feeling his artistic ability was starting to plateau, and getting more and more interested in animation, he returned to school at The Art Institute in Sterling, VA, and received a degree in Media Arts & Animation. After graduation, he began working for a FAA contractor, creating training material for air traffic controllers.  During this time, he explored interactive training, began research and development into gamification and virtual reality, and began submitting work to galleries, and participating in competitive chalk drawing.

Wanting to do more, and help others learn and appreciate art, hoping it would change their lives the way it changed Ben’s, he found this teaching position at Fusion Academy where he looks forward working with students and developing their creativity.

Ben also skateboards on a regular basis.  Like… all the time.