Sian McLean

English & History teacher/mentor

Sian has spent most of her life wandering, but seldom lost.  As a life-long learner with a long life behind her, she joins Fusion as the English Language Arts Teacher/Mentor and closet geography freak who has been known to drive to someplace far, far away just to look at the glory of a complex piece of stratigraphy. Sian was born in Britain before the internet was invented and sailed on a coal-fired passenger ship with her family through the Suez canal east to New Zealand as we searched for a better life after World War 2. After growing up where most of Lord of the Rings was filmed and being an imitation Hippie instead of attending school, she traded-in her tie-dye for textbooks and diligently attended Victoria University of Wellington.  Graduating with BA (Hons) Geomorphology and BA (Hons) Clinical Psychology, Sian moved to Sydney and thence to India.  Arriving in America quite by accident, she has stayed, matured, and become an adult.  Sian studied exceptional education at NCCU and holds several advanced qualifications in teaching exceptional education, including PRAXIS exams, TEACCH autism spectrum courses, and ABA certification. She believes that developing resilience is a key component to success in academics and in life.  She also has an enduring interest in the role of executive functions in exceptional learning.

Sian is drawn to Fusion because it is student centered and focused on ability.  Her teaching philosophy of “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” meshes with Fusion’s insistence on mutual respect and positive regard. And a good time. Sian likes a good time, just not too much of it.

When not discussing rabbits with her daughter, Josephine, Sian can be found making masks and sewing costumes for Paperhand Puppet Intervention, reading, and wrangling the challenge of trying to cook good food while stubbornly refusing to use a recipe book.  Sometimes she does all of this at the same time.  An enthusiastic Royalist who views the Royal family as performance art, she nevertheless is looking forward to the 2020 election and being able to cast a vote for the first time.  Her two goals in life are to learn to walk on stilts and to walk the Continental Divide Trail.  All of it.  In one shot. She sometimes needs reminding to act her age.

Of her nearly 62 years on this planet, she is planning that her Fusion years will be her career best.