Kelsey Hawkins

Math Teacher/Mentor

Miss Hawkins earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematical Sciences from Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts and her Master’s of Science in Mathematics from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Kelsey has known she wanted to be an educator since she was eight years old. While studying towards a Secondary Mathematics Education degree at Western New England, she was presented with the opportunity to study abroad in Australia… and of course, she took it! You’ll have to ask her about that trip sometime. Studying abroad meant that Kelsey couldn’t finish her education degree on time, so she switched her degree to Mathematical Sciences. That switch meant that in order to teach people, she was going to need a Master’s degree, and so she went to Bozeman, Montana to complete that.

While at Montana State University, Kelsey was a graduate teaching assistant and taught calculus courses geared toward many different degree paths. When she wasn’t hiking or exploring Yellowstone National Park, she spent some of her spare time tutoring high school students in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. It was a very cold day (-19 F) when Kelsey decided to move somewhere warmer, it was so cold that her eyelashes were freezing together! In May of 2018, she moved to North Carolina and has loved every minute of living here!

When Miss Hawkins isn’t teaching at Fusion, she is working at Louisburg College as the Division Chair for Math and Sciences where she oversees all math and science faculty and teaches a few classes. In her leisure time, Kelsey enjoys fostering dogs from Saving Grace in Wake Forest, spending time with her friends, playing music bingo at a local restaurant with her boyfriend Brandon, and completing sudoku puzzles.