Carlos Serrano

Music/Recording Arts Teacher/Mentor

With passion for audio production, music, and community building, Carlos joins Fusion primarily as the music and recording arts teacher/mentor. Carlos is energized by youth and pre-youth and believes that they, more than any other group, contribute most to advancing civilization. Teaching/mentoring, music and recording arts are natural intersections of everything that Carlos is passionate about!

His diverse musical background ranges in styles from hip-hop, choral, grunge, acoustic rock and metal! Carlos has played guitar for most of his life and he sings regularly in the Annual Baha’i Choral Festival. He each a Bachelors of Arts in Audio Production from SAE Institute/Middlesex University in 2011 and recently earned a Certificate in General Music Studies from Berklee College of Music.

Outside of work Carlos loves spending time with his 7 year old son, Rafael. Carlos owns and runs, Serrano Audio, a brand new company that builds replicas of vintage recording gear! And finally, Carlos views himself as a citizen of the world and has lived in six different countries!