Tanieca Buchanan

Department Head



Tanieca received a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Education from the University of the West Indies. A BA in English Language Arts and Media Affairs from Hunter College, CUNY. Then a M.Ed Educational Leadership from Concordia University, Nebraska.


Tanieca has worked as the 10th and 12th year level Supervisor for 10 years. During which time she organized the planning of programs for personal, academic and social development of students, increased parent involvement so as to strengthen community-school relation. Additionally, she used her expertise to organize, inviting career professionals to host seminars to encourage students to further their educational career.
She has also spent four years as a Reading Specialist for Middle School students.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • enjoys traveling and writing short stories to reflect these various cultural dynamics and the richness of the human experience to thrive