Tanieca Buchanan


Tanieca Buchanan is an English teacher/mentor and Humanities Department Head at Fusion Academy Princeton. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Arts from Hunter College, The City Universities of New York, and Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University.

Tanieca is a Jamaican by birth who uses her cultural background, influence as well as extensive teaching career to further engage her students within the American context. She engenders a belief in personal growth by developing a ‘winning mindset’ within her students. Tanieca believes when her students can exercise grit by becoming advocates for their needs, they are more able to manage challenging situations, thus excelling not just in their academic pursuits but also in their socio-emotional lives as well. As a mother of three, Tanieca also has a healthy appreciation for the developmental stages of childhood and applies this experience while engaging with her students.

In her free time, Tanieca enjoys watching movies of engaging or riveting plots, and using these as inspiration to craft her own creative stories.