Nathalie Biwole


Nathalie Biwole is a German teacher at Fusion Academy Princeton. She lived in Africa, Europe and now the United States. She partially grew up in France and lived in Germany for 9 years where she studied German-Spanish Translation and Cross-cultural studies at the University of Mainz Germany. She also has a master’s degree in French English from Kent State University in Ohio. Beside teaching at Fusion Academy, she works as a court interpreter for German and French in the state of New-Jersey and teaches French as well. She speaks about 6 languages including a few African languages and is a native speaker of French. In her free time, she enjoys watching documentaries and cooking shows with her 3 kids and her husband. She also enjoys traveling very much and discovering new cultures and foods. She loves telling young people about the importance of education because of what she has seen while living in different countries. If money permitted, she would be in a plane every chance she gets to discover new places. Nathalie believes in the importance of kindness because you never know how you are brightening someone’s really bad day.

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