Ilana Klein-Reiss


M.A. Child Development


Ilana has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University: New Brunswick, where she worked extensively with the sensory neuroscience department doing research on olfactory memory and behavior. She also has a Master of Arts in Child Development from The University of Haifa, where she focused immensely on the effects of development in childhood on various aspects of developing children and adolescent lives.


Ilana has worked with children in recreational environments since 2011, and in education since 2018. She started at Fusion Academy in 2019 and has been working as a teacher/mentor since.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • A ghoul for three seasons of Fright Fest at Six Flags: Great Adventure
  • Loves to sing, write, and act.
  • Adopted from Paraguay and 40% Native South American