Anna von Adel


Anna is a Language Teacher at Fusion Academy Princeton. She has earned a Master's Degree in Arts in German Linguistics/Teaching/Teaching German as a Foreign Language from the Humboldt University of Berlin. Anna has spent 25 years teaching German to immigrant/refugee children in Berlin/Germany as well as CIOs, CEOs, VPs. In addition, she has managed/taught at a number of German banks and hedge funds in Manhattan, as well as at the Department of Defense.

She currently holds a Notary Public/Translator's International Seal (since 1997). Anna's hobbies are swimming, biking, learning foreign languages (she is a multilingual individual) writing poetry (author of a poetry book in 3 Languages published in British Columbia, Canada in 2004). Fun Fact! Anna was a champion of ping-pong of 2 European Universities in 1989-1993.