Adam Getzel


Adam Getzel tutors and teaches STEM topics at Fusion Academy Princeton. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Thomas Edison State College while working full-time in the flavor and fragrance industry, where his career spanned nearly 30 years.  Adam turned his passion for science and math towards teaching and tutoring when he saw the impact COVID was having on school-age students. Working at Fusion is the perfect outlet for sharing his love and knowledge of science and math while relating it to real-life situations in the lab, in commerce, and in leadership.

Adam feels a strong connection with nature and enjoys most outside activities – in fact you may often find him teaching outside and using the outdoors as his classroom or leading an outdoor club or social activity. Adam is an always up for adventure – sailing, surfing, snowboarding, yoga, or hiking with his wife, Angela, and his dog, Hurley.

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