Kimberly Dayton


B.A. Humanities


Kimberly graduated with a B.A. degree in Humanities from Brigham Young University, a holistic liberal arts education emphasizing literature, writing, music, and French.


Kimberly has spent a majority of her professional career in corporate educational software development with a heavy emphasis on writing/editing/instructional design. She has taught fine arts classes in the public schools and worked with students on college essays and the admissions process, as well as mentoring teenagers within community settings and private programs.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves to travel and spent 16 months living in Korea speaking Korean
  • WWII is my passion and I'm on a project to honor my dad and his 5 brothers who all served and returned home
  • Lived in Dublin for 20+ year and I have 5 children, currently one in middle school