Tobi Carter

English Teacher/Mentor

Tobi is a first-time teacher who found an unconventional path toward Fusion. She will be teaching English and art classes. 

 Tobi is passionate about diverse representation in forms of printed media. She used to work closely with children’s book authors in order to help their vision come to life. She loves any form of printed media, including newspapers and zines. Tobi has a bachelor’s in journalism from Texas Christian University and a master’s in publishing and writing from Emerson College. 

 Tobi is excited to pursue the next step in her career: teaching and mentoring youth. She has an innate ability to meet people where they are at and visualize how to get them where they need to go. Her ultimate goal is to help middle and high school students achieve their own versions of success. 

 While not working with youth, you can usually find Tobi outside gardening, hiking with her dogs, camping, or just laying in the grass. She’s also usually barefoot (when it’s not socially frowned upon).