Taiwan Holmes

Teacher Mentor

Taiwan is a Math and Science Teacher at Fusion Plano.  He graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  He also graduated Cum Laude as member of Golden Key International Honor Society and SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society from Ashford University with a Master of Arts in Education.

After completing his service in the Navy and various leadership and management positions in different industries, he uncovered his passion for teaching.  He published his first book, Infinite Value: 4 Students.  The research reveals if a student can spell their first name, they have an Infinite Brain.  And the ability and capacity to learn and master any academic subject.  Taiwan is excited about the opportunity to work with students to embrace and share all their value both academically and socially.

In his free time, Taiwan loves to hang with his wife Sandra, daughter Sasha, and son TRA (Pronounced Tray, it’s a nickname).  He also loves to watch movies and play board and card games.  Pente and Phase 10 are his favorites.