Nicholas Nguyen

Department Head

B.A Literature Studies


Nicholas Nguyen is an English and History mentor at Fusion Academy. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Literature Studies at the University of Texas Dallas.


During college, he worked as a server/manager at a sushi restaurant. He was also part of a student competitive dance organization called FSA (Filipino Student Association.) He also competed in many World of Dance competitions with his other dance team, MBC  (Minority Bros Crew.)  With this crew, they won third place in the youth division. Nick's performances consisted of high-energy and intense choreographed hip-hop routines.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Nicholas has two dogs - Chopper and Prince
  • Nicholas is also really passionate about fashion. He enjoys dressing up in many different styles which include classy, streetwear, professional, and many more.
  • He is also a huge foodie