Kay Earnhart



Kay has a bachelor's of Art from the College of Arts and Sciences from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She stayed an extra year and went through the teaching block at the College of Education, U of A. to get her teaching certificate. She has additional hours in the exceptional child from Ottawa University, Kansas, City, Mo. and Gifted Education from Arkansas Tech University. Kay holds teaching certificates in Arkansas, Kansas, Texas and has passed the National Teacher's Exam.


Before coming to Fusion, Kay was blessed with a long, fulfilling career teaching art to students from kindergarten through high school in Arkansas, Kansas and Texas, over a 35-year time span! Kay always tells her students that more than teaching them to become artists, she wants to teach them to think like artists!

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Kay has five chidren (yes, all hers)! Three daughters and two sons.
  • Kay has visited 11 countries and two principalities.
  • Her American roots run deep. Her 7 times great- grandmother was Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman and leader of the Cherokee people. She also had family who fought in the revolutionary war and came over on the Mayflower!
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