Joshua Varghese

Science and Math Teacher

Joshua is a math and science teacher at Fusion Academy Plano. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, as well as minors in Mathematics and Psychology. As a college student, Joshua realized that so many of his peers were falling behind at the collegiate level because the lacked a firm foundation in the hard sciences.

When he was in high school, Joshua’s eleventh-grade AP Physics teacher saw potential in him to not just pass her class, but to thrive as both a student and a teacher. Because of her influence, Joshua began tutoring students after school daily in order to ensure his peers were successful.

In college, he taught freshmen and sophomores as a private physics and chemistry tutor while also teaching classes of physics students as a Peer Facilitator (a fancy word for TA!). Joshua realized he had a passion for teaching and knew he wanted to continue empowering young minds after college.

In his free time Joshua plays lead electric guitar for his band, builds stage designs for nonprofit organizations, and loves reading mystery novels. His favorite book to-date is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn!