Daniel Self


Daniel is a math and science teacher at Fusion Academy Plano. He has always enjoyed the patterns involved with solving math and physics problems.

Daniel graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Daniel realized after graduating that he was more passionate about teaching than he was about engineering.

He noticed that some students in public schools would be left behind and others would be ahead and need something more challenging. Daniel was looking for a better way to help the students learn to their individual level so he spent two semesters tutoring high school and college students in all sorts of math and physics. These tutoring sessions would be one-on-one with a variety  of students.  This is what led him to Fusion.

Daniel spends his free time playing his favorite game, Rocket League (on PC), playing loud bass-heavy electronic music and cuddling his cat. He also enjoys different types of board games and sci-fi or comedy movies. Daniel is a bit goofy and likes to make lame jokes and bad puns.