Cory Mathews


Cory is a veteran Fusionite who came to us from the Mission Viejo Campus in California. The Plano campus is happy to have him serve as their Electives Department Head and Music Instructor.

Cory is passionate about music. In 9th grade, he traded a surfboard for a bass guitar and never looked back. Bass playing led to songwriting, and songwriting turned into a BA and MA in music for both composition and music history.

Cory is a composer, songwriter, producer, recordist, and multi-instrumentalist. He’s written hundreds of songs in a variety of genres for both personal and professional projects. He works with local artists to help them realize their musical visions, and has performed live and in the studio as a bassist, drummer, guitarist, and vocalist.

With over 15 years of teaching experience, Cory has taught music lovers of all ages how to play music, create music, and navigate music technology. Cory has been with Fusion since 2010, and is fortunate enough to help students realize their creative ambitions in sound on a daily basis.

When not making music, Cory can be found hanging out with his family or searching for the ultimate plate of chili cheese fries.