Cindi Di Iorio

Head of School

Cindi joined Fusion in July 2017 and is often heard telling others how thrilled she is to have found her forever home! Immediately after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Samford University, she began her teaching career. After spending six years in elementary school grades, Cindi began pursuing her Master of Education from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, desiring to work with 10 to 14-year-old children who were transitioning from childhood into young adulthood. She spent three years piloting the FLEX learning model while also working with students between the 5th and 6th grades.

Cindi married her husband, Chris, in 2000 and moved to Chicago; she switched from her public school background to independent schools and landed a position at a small school within a very competitive area of the city. She began as the Middle School math teacher, moved into the role of Middle School Head, and also served as Assistant Head of School. Seven years later, Cindi was offered the challenge and privilege of leading a private, turn-around, PreK-8th grade Christian school as its Principal. Loving every minute of the hard work required, she turned the school around and earned its first-ever accreditation – she saw the school grow from only 45 enrolled students when she entered to almost 200 – with a waitlist – when she left seven years later. Cindi then found herself back in the role of Middle School Head and Dean of Middle & Upper Schools at another small, independent school in the North Shore. During these two decades working in education within Chicago, Cindi was offered the opportunity to participate in the Kellogg School of Nonprofit Management certification program, and she also pursued a second Master’s degree in School Leadership. After four years serving as the Head of School for Fusion Academy Lake Forest, Cindi, her husband, and youngest daughter were thrilled to have the opportunity to make Frisco, Texas their new home, bringing Cindi to the Fusion Plano campus.

A wife, mother of three, mother-in-law to one, and a “Nonna,” Cindi doesn’t find herself with a lot of spare time. However, when she has it, you will either find her reading by a pool, taking a class at the gym, finding places for long walks, or enjoying a hockey game!