Carla Pinto


Carla is excited to join Fusion Academy as a Yoga Instructor and Mentor also facilitating Wellness classes. Carla earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Sam Houston State University along the same time earning her Yoga Teacher Certification from the Dallas Yoga Center. Carla is a Life Coach and Wellness Consultant helping people reach their goals in a holistic and resourceful manner. Pursuing Yoga along with Dance began with the intention of physical cross training, while later evolving with richer meaning and purpose as a mindfulness practitioner. Carla teaches Yoga for dancers, Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga classes for all ages and abilities.

During her time in University, Carla had the honor to perform in American College Dance Festival, NobleMotion Dance company and SHSU Concerts. Choreography and Dance Education is a great passion of Carla’s that is allowed time to shine as an Instructor at Studio Dance Centre in Frisco.  Carla is a certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructor, specializing in teaching children with different abilities and special needs. She also holds a certificate as a Youth Protection Advocate in Dance.

Carla was born and raised in Plano, TX growing up as a first generation Brazilian-American learning and speaking Portuguese and English at home. She lives in Frisco with her husband Bruno and dog Gianni who was rescued 2 years ago and is adapting well to life in Texas. In her spare time, Carla enjoys hiking in nature, longboarding with her hubby, hanging in hammocks under trees and finding time to go to the closest ocean to scuba dive in!