Jalezah Shoats

Assistant Director


Jalezah holds a Bachelor's degree in Child & Youth Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University and a Master of Science in Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. Currently, she is pursuing her Specialist degree in Curriculum, Instruction, Management, and Administration at Nova Southeastern University, furthering her expertise in educational leadership and management.


Jalezah Shoats has a robust academic background and a passion for empowering learners. During her journey as an Educational Specialist and Teacher, she leveraged her expertise to assess student needs, foster communication with parents/staff, and cultivate a supportive learning environment. In her role as a Success Coach, she provided invaluable mentorship, guiding youth towards achieving their academic, career, and personal goals. Furthermore, Jalezah successfully led and managed 51 sites as a Youth Services Program Manager, providing comprehensive training and support to staff members. Jalezah's unwavering dedication to educational excellence and holistic student development underscores her commitment to driving positive change and innovation in the field of education.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves to spend time at the beach!
  • Is a dog mom of a Shih tzu.
  • Enjoys interior design and organizing spaces.