Thomas Hogeland

Admissions Consultant

Thomas has joined our Fusion family as an Admissions Consultant. After graduating film school at Full Sail University in Orlando, Thomas completed his internship at New York University's Tisch School of Dramatic Arts. Upon completion, he headed to Los Angeles where he spent years working in nearly every facet of film production before he found a passion for admissions.

Thomas has performed admissions for a number of post- secondary institutions in the Los Angeles area - from one on one apprenticeship programs (which mirror Fusion's approach), four year BFA degree programs, and post-baccalaureate programs. He has also coached freshman high school basketball.

When he is not supporting families embark on their Fusion journey, you’ll find him taking part in anything and everything basketball, cooking, movie watching, TV previewing, listening to Podcasts, and spending time with his pit bull/dachshund mix, Boogie Mama. Fun fact about Thomas – he helped with the set decoration and props for the shows The Office, Parks and Rec and Boardwalk Empire.