Maria Beltran

Assistant Director


Maria graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in communication and cinematic arts.


Maria started her Fusion journey on the Pasadena campus as an art and humanities teacher back in 2015. She soon became their Director of Homework Café, a role she happily held for close to five years. She most recently spent time living in Maryland supporting her family and working as the Assistant Director on the campus in Rockville.

Whether working with young learners or adult teachers, Maria centers her approach on using compassion and humor to empower folks to feel comfortable in their own skin. She believes all students and teachers have identities worthy of celebration as they strive for prosperity in their schoolwork, professional work, and social lives. She is excited to contribute that same energy of balancing academic integrity with authentic, fun human relationships to the teachers, students, and entire Palos Verdes campus community.

Prior to Fusion, Maria ran the media arts program at a local all-girls high school where her efforts focused on preparing minority young women to be successful in the media industry.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Grew up in the DMV (the DC area, not the Dept. of Motor Vehicles haha) but has lived more than half her life in LA.
  • Loves the quirky humanity of classic Americana.
  • Delights in various creative endeavors of the movie and music variety.