David Burrus

Assistant Director

David Burrus serves as the Fusion, Palos Verdes Assistant Director. He has held a wide variety of roles within Fusion Academy since 2012. Most recently, he has provided crucial administrative support for Fusion campuses in Chicago and the Bay Area while also coaching and training new staff. Previously, he served in leadership roles at the Solana Beach and San Diego campuses. He is excited to return to Southern California and help start this new campus in Palos Verdes.


David is committed to serving the students, parents, and teachers that make up our campus community. He knows first-hand how individualized education and genuine empathy make the school experience vastly better for all students and the network of people who support them.


David Burrus holds a Masters of Education, a B.A. in English, and a teaching credential from the University of California, Riverside. Before joining Fusion, he taught at public schools in Southern California and served as an English Department Chair before relocating to Germany to teach writing and co-lead an organization using the arts to bring attention to charitable work done across the globe. His travels took him across several European countries, as well as Ethiopia, India, and Nepal.


David enjoys long-form journalism, literature, movies, and stand-up comedy. He is married and has a daughter who is starting kindergarten this year.