Karen Bailey


Karen Bailey is a Teacher/Mentor. She currently teaches Life Skills, Psychology and Positive Psych, Leadership, and Community Minds. She earned a BS in P.E/Health Science from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX, and earned an MA in Counseling Psychology at JFK University in Campbell.

Karen taught K-8 PE and Health in TX and CA for 37 years. She taught at Fusion Los Gatos and Fusion Palo Alto, and has had the privilege of teaching at Fusion for 7 years.

She has played sports and coached sports for most of her life. Karen enjoys reading and being with her family-wife Tracie, sons Jaeden (20) and Keaton (16). She has two pups-Tango (8) and Dak (3). She also likes to draw, journal, listen to music and sing.

Believe it or not, Karen once invited Ellen Degeneres to go out with her and her friends after Ellen’s stand-up at the Improv in Dallas, TX. She politely declined.