Cinthya Medina Bakker

Director of Student Development


I earned my Bachelor’s degree from University of San Francisco in 2006 and my Juris Doctorate from Saint
Louis University School of Law in 2010. While in law school I worked briefly with Catholic Legal Assistance
Ministry in Saint Louis, MO and with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund in San
Antonio, TX. In 2011, I took and passed the California Bar Exam, and also discovered Fusion Academy.


I joined Fusion in April 2011 as one of the first teachers at Fusion Academy Warner Center. While at
Warner Center, I was Head of the Math Department. In 2013, I left Warner Center to join Fusion San
Francisco where I eventually took on the role of Director of Student Development. I continued in this role
on the East Coast at Fusion Englewood and Fusion Park Avenue before returning to Southern California
and joining the Fusion South Bay team. During my time on the East Coast, I also stepped into the role of
Master Teacher, Assistant Director, and Interim Head of School. I have now settled happily into the
Virtual Director of Student Development role for the West Coast and am looking forward to supporting
more Fusion campuses with DSD needs.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and spending time with friends, family, and my dog.