Ben Cooley


Ben Cooley is an artist and Math and Science is his medium.

He is a UCLA Bruin who tackled one of the most challenging majors, Computer Science and Engineering (a combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). Ben considers himself a life-long learner, and wants to share that perspective with others as a teacher. Therefore, he went to night classes (while working full time) to get his Masters in Education, and two teaching credentials from National University.

Ben draws upon all of his past work experiences (including teaching, technology start-ups, and the video game industry) to show students how math and science are used outside of the classroom.

Ben enjoys playing games of all kinds. He loves baseball, and plans to coach his son’s little league team this year. Ben loves to spend quality time with his wife Rachel and son Michael.

It is a little known fact that Ben has taken several Improv Acting classes, but please don’t embarrass him by asking for a performance.