Pamela Clapp

Science and Math Teacher/Mentor

Pamela was born in Boston.  After graduating from high school, she headed west ending up in Los Angeles at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  (On the way, she got a BS in physics and a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics.)

While that was an adventure, taking her to places like CERN in Switzerland and flying gamma-ray detectors on high-altitude weather balloons in New Mexico, she realized that the connection, reward, and community teaching kids was her calling.

Now her experiments are more ground based and require help from students.  Some of her favorite experiments include building a 10-ft trebuchet to fling watermelons, building a Rubens Tube to visualize sound waves, and many investigations with rocket science.

A yarn fanatic, Pamela is currently working on building an automated knitting machine.

For relaxation, she likes to knit and sew clothing, take long walks with her dogs, hang out while her daughter cooks, and spend time in the nature near her house.


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