Nick Wang

Academic Director

Nicholas earned his BS in biology and BA in education from Tufts University while minoring in studio art. During his time at Tufts, Nicholas cemented a passion for education after student teaching forensic science and English to ESL students at Charlestown High School. That passion then led him to seek out work at Hong Kong International School where he worked as a program assistant, campus manager, and instructor for both local students and international students from around the globe.

Hong Kong was not an unfamiliar place to Nicholas though since prior to coming to the Boston area for university, he lived in Hong Kong and traveled extensively around Asia. In fact, Nicholas' first venture in education was during his time in Hong Kong where he taught ballroom and Latin dance.

Since coming to Fusion Academy Newton, Nicholas has taught a wide range of students as a STEM teacher before becoming the STEM Department Head of Fusion Academy Newton. In that position, he spearheaded the planning and development of the first biotech lab in the Fusion Academy family. Currently, he is serving as the Assistant Director of Fusion Academy Newton to facilitate the development of teachers and curriculum as well as support the campus in administration.

Nicholas has a strong passion for the natural sciences and also has a soft spot for art. He both loves to teach as well as find ways to promote cross-discipline education. He is also deeply enthusiastic about helping others develop their own teaching skills and promoting campus culture. 

In his personal time, Nicholas enjoys cooking up new dishes for friends, playing board games as well as video games, painting pop art, and teaching himself new things.