Michael O'Keefe

Director of Homework Cafe

Michael is the Director of Homework Cafe at Fusion Academy Newton.

A native of Concord, NH, Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in English along with his Master’s in Education from John Carroll University, in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating in 2013, he began his career in boarding schools at Grand River Academy where he taught World Literature, English Language Learners, and helped revamp the school’s music department. In August of 2015, he moved to southern Pennsylvania to join the English department at Mercersburg Academy. For the next four years, he taught a wide range of literature courses while also coaching varsity football and baseball.

As you might expect, Michael is an avid reader, and some of his favorite authors include classic names like George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, and Aldous Huxley. In addition to the classics, he devours contemporary writing from university professors like John McWhorter, Steven Pinker, Christina Hoff-Sommers, and Maryanne Wolf. Higher education is changing, and Michael loves listening to the conversation take place in real time. His own essays have appeared in a variety of national and international publications, from Quillette to the Washington Examiner.

Outside of academia, he loves all things related to athletics, music, fishing, and running around with Koda, his adorable silver lab puppy.