Laura McEvoy

Yoga Teacher/Mentor

Laura is the Yoga Teacher/Mentor at Fusion Academy Newton.

Laura started her professional journey of helping people as a school counselor, at both the middle and high school level.  It was there that she counseled students as they went through major transitions and life stressors.  She often said to herself, there must be a place for wellness, a time to strengthen not just their minds, but bodies.  Unfortunately, she didn't have time to teach during her busy day.   While she helped prepare students to exceed academically, she often thought the curriculum could include more socio-emotional learning and movement!  This is where her love for physical fitness and Wellness came in to "play!"   Laura feels strongly that an individualized Wellness plan can help students look within themselves to find their own voice, and provide a healthy outlet for stress.  This passion for wellness, specifically yoga, has led Laura to attain her certifications as a Yoga Instructor, Physical Education teacher, and Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Laura can be found teaching yoga on zoom and she has developed her own adolescent Yoga Program as well.  She did miss the counseling piece, however, so she decided to combine her love for wellness and counseling, and carved her own career path at Bay State Community Services in Quincy, where she worked as a counselor, recruiter, and worksite wellness specialist for the last 6 years.  Drawing on this knowledge, she is ready to work one-on-one with school-aged students at Fusion, and assist them during some of the most challenging developmental years.  Laura hopes the students at Fusion will be able to apply invaluable wellness skills to their everyday life, while having fun doing it!